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 Gustamps Special Page dedicated to answering questions put to Gustamps by stamp collectors.

Gustamps always try to answer philatelic questions to help collectors understand more about the great hobby of stamp collecting.

Gustamps list a few of these questions to Gustamps together with Gutamps answers which Gustamps hope you will find interesting.

Question to Gustamps - Can Gustamps tell me a bit about King George V's interest in stamp collecting?

Gustamps answer - It is Gustamps understanding that King George V starting collecting around the age of 16, whilst still a prince. Gustamps say he was a keen collector of the stamps of his father, King Edward VII and his grandmother Queen Victoria. Gustamps point out that as King, he was in an ideal position to accumulate a superb collection of British Empire stamps, many of which were given to him. Gustamps explain his vast collection of world stamps, many of which are very rare, were housed in over 300 stamp albums. According to Gustamps these are now kept at St James' palace, as part of Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Philatelic collection of stamps.

Question to Gustamps - Paul, one of Gustamps' customers telephoned Gustamps and told Gustamps he was starting to collect miniature sheets from around the world. Gustamps heard that Paul had some quite big stamp miniature sheets in his collection. Paul wondered what was the largest miniature sheet ever issued in the world and asked Gustamps if they could answer the question.

Gustamps reply to Paul - was that it is probably a miniature sheet containing 15 postage stamps. Gustamps explained the sheet was issued by East Germany in 1964 to commemorate the 15th anniv. of the German Democratic Republic (D.D.R.) Gustamps added the Stanley Gibbons catalogue number is MS.E794a.

Gustamps would like to thank Mr Paul Wilkins for his question to Gustamps and allowing Gustamps to publish it together with Gustamps reply.

Question to Gustamps - KING KONG QUESTION TO GUSTAMPS. Film Buff Harry Clarkson called into Gustamps' shop to buy some film star stamps from Gustamps for his collection. Whilst at Gustamps, Mr Clarkson asked Gustamps if they had any stamps depicting King Kong. 

Gustamps answer - Gustamps remarked that the film in question was screened over 70 years ago, but there was a set of stamps from New Zealand, depicting King Kong which Mr Clarkson was pleased to buy. Mr Clarkson also bought some stamps from Gustamps commemorating the film 'Planet of the Apes'. Mr Clarkson complimented Gustamps on their comprehensive stock of cinema stamps. Mr Clarkson said to Gustamps "I've never seen so many film stamps in one shop ever before. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop." 

Thanks to Mr Harry Clarkson from Gustamps for letting Gustamps share his experience in Gustamps stamp shop.