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 Introduction to Gustamps

Did you know that Gustamps, the leading stamp dealing business in Sussex was established nearly a half century ago. The famous Gustamps stamp firm was founded in 1971 in London. Gustamps soon moved to Brighton where Gustamps first Brighton shop was situated in Dukes lane in Brighton. Gustamps soon moved to larger premises near Brighton town hall. Gustamps' shop is located at 12 Prince Albert Street, which has become a focal point for everything to do with stamp collecting. No trip to Brighton should be considered complete until you have visited Gustamps stamp shop where a warm welcome always awaits you. If you collect stamps or know a stamp collector, you will find a vast collection of every type of stamp at affordable prices. You can also have your collection valued by Gustamps completely free of charge. Even if you don't collect stamps yourself, Gustamps is the place to come to buy Royal Mail First Class Postage Stamps at iscounted prices. The Royal Mail sell First Class Postage Stamps at 63p each, but Gustamps price is only 45p each (price per 10 1st Class stamps from the Royal Mail is £6.30 compared with Gustamps' price for 10 1st Class Stamps of only £4.50). A great saving if you buy them from Gustamps instead of buying them from your local post office! So look into Gustamps next time you visit Brighton and be pleasantly surprised at the selection of bargains which await you.

This is where stamp collectors can find out what's happening in the philatelic world.

Monkey stamp artists' new design

Gustamps have heard that Huang Yongyu, the man behind the design of China's famous money stamp, has produced a new monkey stamp design this year. Gustamps point out that the original 1980 stamp designed by Huang Yongyu is now catalogued by Stanley Gibbons at over £1,500 per stamp. Gustamps say it is unlikely that this new design will increase in value as much as the 1980 stamp. Gustamps add that Chinese New Year stamps are always popular and the year of the Monkey stamps are particularly collectable, but say Gustamps, collectors should not expect these new monkey stamps to rise massively in price, like th 1980 China monkey stamp. Gustamps think collectors should only buy them for their collector interest.


How much is a stamp worth?
Gustamps answer is that it is an impossible question to answer. Gustamps say its like asking how long is a piece of string? However, Gustamps point out that a stamp auction held in New York (USA) in 2014, a single stamp sold for over $9,000,000. The stamp from British Guiana could well be the rarest stamp in the world. Gustamps mention that the stamp was last on display to the public in December 2015 at the Stamp & Coin Museum in Monaco.


HRH Princess Ann's Philatelic Visit

Gustamps have heard that the Princess Royal visited the postal museum at Fox Bay, in the Falkland Islands. According to Gustamps she went with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence where she enjoyed looking at the displays of Falkland Islands stamps. Gustamps point out that HRH Princess Ann's Great, Great Grandfather had one of the finest collections of Falkland Islands stamps. Gustamps say that King George V's stamp collection now forms part of the HM Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Stamp collection.